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Celebrating Plants and Planet
Celebrating Plants and Planet
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Gardeners and Nature lovers already appreciate the botanical wonders around us, but plants are more than floral beauties. We owe the air we breathe to them, all of our food, and most of our medicine, chemicals and housing. Animals from elephants to ants depend on plant-life. And the world's flora has an equally intimate relationship with the birds, insects, mammals and humans around them.
Explore these relationships and find the latest botany discoveries through the links below.
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Flowers Giving Up On Bees. Evolution In Action  
"Whether the reversion towards self-fertilisation can provide an escape route from ecological bee shortages depends on how rapidly plants can evolve. In the current pollinator crisis, understanding how plants adapt to changes in bee numbers and type is essential. "
   200 rating(s)      
How Plants Have Become Climate Change Moderators  
"A decrease in global deforestation combined with enhanced vegetation growth caused by the rapid increase in carbon dioxide changed the land from a carbon source into a carbon sink."
   22 rating(s)      
The lonesome pines: a third of conifer species put on endangered list   
"More than a third of the world’s conifer species are threatened with extinction as a result of urbanisation, logging, disease and feral goats, according to an alarming new report."
   10 rating(s)      
Tree's Seeds Shown As Effective Low Cost Water Purifier  
"Seeds of Moringa oliefera, commonly known as Sehjan or drumsticks, have the potential to remove impurities from contaminated water and make it safe for drinking. "
   11 rating(s)      
Coevolution Insufficient to Explain All Nature's Connections  
"The study provides an interesting and novel story about early mammal evolution, diet, and paleoecology. More importantly, it provides a good example of how simple narratives don't always explain nature's messiness. "
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